Welcome to the AIRS SecureLink results portal.

If you are part of the Antibody and Immunity Research Study (AIRS) and were tested for the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Virus, you can use this portal to retrieve the status and/or results of your testing. Please enter the 8-character barcode of your sample and your date of birth below.

If you are looking for results from a study other than AIRS, please use this link.

Your sample's unique barcode is an 8-character code which can be found on both your swab tube and swab kit box.
8-character barcode from your swab tube or swab kit box
Your date of birth

If you have lost your barcode or you cannot access the status of your test, please email or call participant support. Please do not call if your test is shown as "pending."